Saturday, April 15, 2006

Episode IV

So, I am writing today to please one of my friends. I was warned that if I did not blog before Easter I would be removed from his list. Steve, this is for you.

I recently had an youth Easter egg hunt and I was very excited about the event. One of my college helpers put everything together and was also excited. We decided that we would have points for each color jelly bean and that the youth with the most points, eggs, and colors would all win prizes. Well, as all youth directors know, nothing is going to go as planned when youth are involved.

We began the hunt and all the youth were running aroud the church looking for eggs. Some youth had a lot more eggs than others. Some of the guys decided that it would be most effective to put all their eggs together and will all the prizes. When everyone began counting, the guys who put their eggs together won all the catagories.

I am not somone who desires confrotnation and was willing to let the cheaters have a prize and move on. However, the college student who put the hunt together got very upset at them and it turned into a big ordeal.

The morals of the story:
1. Don't cheat
2. Don't expect the youth not to cheat
3. Everything that a youth director does gets messed up by youth who don't care
4. We need a class at NYWC called how to love youth when you want to kick them in the head
5. Steve, this is all i got

John Nader

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Episode III

Sorry about the episode thing, I an not creative at this time in my life.

I have discovered yet another amazing thing last night with my youth. I even spent all day today reflecting on what happened that I am just now writing about it. It seems that I have two very different types of people in my youth group and when I put them together the group explodes.

The first is the group of kids that are members of the church who come to youth and enjoy everything that I am doing. They are truly growing in their faith and have some good questions to ask. They are developing an idea of what worship is and are very excited about the future of the youth group.

Second, we have the kids who are not members of the church. These kids come because they want to get away from their family, play games, and partake in the snacks and dinner that we provide the youth. They have a lot of questions and have a great misunderstanding of the Christian faith. They all attend the Baptist church on Sunday mornings. They don't want to worship with the group and constantly drive the conversations of track with outlandish comments. They know what gets under my skin and love to irritate me.

The first group is a group that needs nurturing and discipleship. The second is a group that needs evangelism. They need to have a Q&A time with me.

The UMC categorizes the youth group as a position of nurture and nurture alone. It does not look at a group of youth that need the gospel and evangelism. When you get the two together you get an explosion. The same explosion that I got last night when the youth in the second party and pushed my last button. Then after I silenced the rudeness, the first group began to speak up and actually received the lesson.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Episode II

I have decided to use this blog to share my experiences in working with youth. I will only write about the things that I notice while working with the youth and how these youth shape my own personal walk with the Lord.

Tonight was the beginning of our book club at the library. We began reading "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe". The youth who attended we mostly from my youth group but we did have a few who came from another church. One of my youth who came did not seem like he wanted to be there but I think that he was just trying to impress the girls with a little attitude. I gave them the chapters to read for the next week and we read chapter one together. The best thing about tonight was the ride back to Corsicana with some of the youth in the van. I don't know what it was but I felt bonded more to those youth at that time then ever before. It was not anything that was said or anything that we did. I think that the more you hang out with the kids the more they grow on you and the more they understand who you are.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Episode I

I attended the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville last week and came home with a head full of new ideas. The frustrating thing is that the holiday season is so jam packed that I cannot bring forth any of my new ideas until January.

I have discovered however that one of my parent helpers has been too strong on some of the youth. I am glad that he is not lackadaisical but I do wish that he was not so strong on the discipline.

So, my first Sunday back to the youth group we go bowling and have a blast. We had a lot of people come and bowl. I was glad to see the youth having fun. I know that sharing the word with the youth is important but so is just hanging out and having fellowship.