Saturday, April 15, 2006

Episode IV

So, I am writing today to please one of my friends. I was warned that if I did not blog before Easter I would be removed from his list. Steve, this is for you.

I recently had an youth Easter egg hunt and I was very excited about the event. One of my college helpers put everything together and was also excited. We decided that we would have points for each color jelly bean and that the youth with the most points, eggs, and colors would all win prizes. Well, as all youth directors know, nothing is going to go as planned when youth are involved.

We began the hunt and all the youth were running aroud the church looking for eggs. Some youth had a lot more eggs than others. Some of the guys decided that it would be most effective to put all their eggs together and will all the prizes. When everyone began counting, the guys who put their eggs together won all the catagories.

I am not somone who desires confrotnation and was willing to let the cheaters have a prize and move on. However, the college student who put the hunt together got very upset at them and it turned into a big ordeal.

The morals of the story:
1. Don't cheat
2. Don't expect the youth not to cheat
3. Everything that a youth director does gets messed up by youth who don't care
4. We need a class at NYWC called how to love youth when you want to kick them in the head
5. Steve, this is all i got

John Nader